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This app is the perfect companion to drivers as cars become increasingly complicated and technology reliant. The application contains over 467 dashboard indicators and warning lights, their description and advice on how to deal with almost any issue if the indicator light illuminate. The app will indicate whether you can safely continue to drive or are required to seek assistance.

Car indicators and warning lights app is practical for drivers, and can help to make right decision in emergency situation, keep drivers safe on the road. The application also includes roadside assistance dial phone numbers in Canada and US, and can save untold frustration on the road.
Dashboard indicators lights
Car dashboard indicators lights app, includes all cars indicators

Indicators and warning lights in your car instrument panel signal that something is wrong with your vehicle, so that the driver can address the issue before it becomes serious. This app can help avoid expensive repairs and dangerous roadside situations. The app provides an overview of the indicators and warning lights, what they mean and how you should act once illuminate.

When a warning indicator light appears on your instrument panel, you can quickly access information around what the light represents, what system in your car is malfunctioning, and how to respond without contacting a mechanic.

Modern cars are equipped with a wide range of sensors and sophisticated on-board electronics, that's monitoring a vehicle performance and constantly checking for problems. Your car instrument panel is communication medium, that relay important information to the drivers. Indicators lights illuminates on the dashboard to warn you of the potential problem within your vehicle.
The designer of this application has over 20 years of experience as a mechanic on luxury automotive brands, the app will tell you the most important piece of information a driver needs to know: Can I keep driving my car ?
   Stop driving immediately, pull over.
Drive with caution, reduce speed.

The app comes bundled with:
Parking Reminder - Your phone will remind you before your parking meter expires.
Car Locator - Save your location when you park, car locator help you find your car.
Access Links - To all car manufacturers and dealers.

Repair tips
The app help you educate yourself about your vehicle problem, knowing the basic of the issue can help avoid expensive, or unnecessary repairs.
Be specific about the symptoms:
when does it happen?
how long has it been going on?
does it happen in some situations and not others?
write it down to take to the auto service.
let the service shop make the diagnosis.
Ask for a diagnosis and estimate in writing, before you authorize the repairs.

 App is designed for a driver's comfort and safety.
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App features:
✔ Car indicators and warning lights for multiple manufacturers, their description and meanings
✔ Application comprise over 467 dashboard indicators lights - with detail explanation & advice
✔ Expert advice - what you should check before consulting with a mechanic
✔ Hybrid and Electric vehicles indicators - interpret with detailed description
✔ Diesel vehicles indicators lights - interpret with detailed description
✔ Common engine problems - suggestions with descriptions of common issues
✔ Instruction how to properly service and recharge your car battery
✔ All car manufacturer's free roadside assistance, dial phone numbers for Canada & US
✔ Roadside Assistance pay-per-use service, 42 dial phone numbers for Canada & US
✔ Car Locator - help you find your parked car
✔ Parking reminder - with sound alert
✔ Advice - what to do in the event of a collision
✔ Tips - how to talk to your insurance company in the event of a collision

Recent update:
✔ Access links - to all car manufacturers and dealers.

All these information conveniently stored on your phone.
Dashboard lights
Car dashboard indicators and warning lights
 Application includes 467 indicators & warning lights, in groups:
  - Critical warnings lights
  - Alert and information indicators
  - Hybrids and electric vehicles indicators
  - Diesels vehicles indicators
  - System actively operating indicators
The app provides a brief description of the car's active safety systems, how they operate, and what you can do when they fail.
All the indicators come with advice, what you can check without consulting a mechanic. The application also includes a brief descriptions of the latest generation of automotive advanced technology.
Note: this app does not contain OBD-II, OBD2 Diagnostic Trouble Codes.

            App icons:
  - Systems information
  - Diesel vehicles
  - Hybrid & Electric vehicles

Safety systems associated with indicators lights:
• Adaptive Cruise Control
• Radar Guided Cruise Control
• Accident Avoidance Control
• Collision Warning System
• Pre Collision System
• Rear End Collision Warning
• Active Blind Spot Detection
• Head Up Displays System
• Lane Departure Warning
• Lane Departure Prevention
• Stability Management System
• Hill Descent Control
• Dynamic Brake Control
• Brake Hold Function
• Dynamic StabiliTrak System
• Electronic Stability Control
• Electronic Stabilizer Sway Bar System
• Active Traction Control
• Four Wheel Drive 4X4 Auto-High-Low
• Super Handling All Wheel Drive
• Crawl Control System
• Turn Assist Function
• Differential Locking Function
• Kinetic Dynamic Suspension
• Self Levelling Air Suspension
• Drive by Wire Throttle Control
• Antilock Braking System
• Electronic Parking Brake
• Engine Speed Governing
• Electronic Locking Differential
• Self Levelling Air Suspension
• Active Suspension System
• Four Wheel Active Steer Function
• Trailer Towing/Haul Function
• Rear Active Steer
• Park Distance Control
• Smart Key System
• Keyless Entry System
• Electric Power Steering
• Tire Pressure Monitoring System
• Automatic Lighting Control
• Automatic Rain Sensing Wipers
• Adaptive Front Lighting System
• Diesel Exhaust Fluid & AdBlue System
• Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration
• Diesel Fuel Water Trap
• Hybrid Direct Response System
• Hybrid Regenerative Brakes
• Hybrid Electric Propulsion System
• Hybrid Integrated Motor Assist

Any requests and recommendations are welcome, your feedback is important to us.

    The app contains dashboard indicators lights for the following manufacturers:
  Acura  -  indicators & warning lights
Aston Martin  -  indicators & warning lights
  Audi  -  indicators & warning lights
  Bentley  -  indicators & warning lights
  BMW  -  indicators & warning lights
  Buick  -  indicators & warning lights
  Cadillac  -  indicators & warning lights
  Chevrolet  -  indicators & warning lights
  Chrysler  -  indicators & warning lights
  Citroen  -  indicators & warning lights
  GMC  -  indicators & warning lights
  Dodge  -  indicators & warning lights
  Ferrari  -  indicators & warning lights
  Fiat  -  indicators & warning lights
  Ford  -  indicators & warning lights
  Honda  -  indicators & warning lights
  Hyundai  -  indicators & warning lights
  Infiniti  -  indicators & warning lights
  Jaguar  -  indicators & warning lights
  Jeep  -  indicators & warning lights
  Kia  -  indicators & warning lights
  Land Rover  -  indicators & warning lights
  Lexus  -  indicators & warning lights
  Lincoln  -  indicators & warning lights
  Mazda  -  indicators & warning lights
  Mercedes Benz  -  indicators & warning lights
  Mercury  -  indicators & warning lights
  MINI  -  indicators & warning lights
  Mitsubishi  -  indicators & warning lights
  Nissan  -  indicators & warning lights
  Oldsmobile  -  indicators & warning lights
  Opel  -  indicators & warning lights
  Peugeot  -  indicators & warning lights
  Porsche  -  indicators & warning lights
  Ram  -  indicators & warning lights
  Renault  -  indicators & warning lights
  Rolls Royce  -  indicators & warning lights
  Saab  -  indicators & warning lights
  Saturn  -  indicators & warning lights
  Smart  -  indicators & warning lights
  Subaru  -  indicators & warning lights
  Suzuki  -  indicators & warning lights
  Toyota  -  indicators & warning lights
  Volkswagen  -  indicators & warning lights
  Volvo  -  indicators & warning lights

User License Agreement
If you download and/or use this App, you are agreeing to this license.
Reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of all information provided on this application. However, modern cars are very complex mechanism, system components are interconnected and it might creates various problems.

The App provide guidance to the problem, exercise caution and the best judgement when dealing with your vehicle breakdowns or failures.
All the serious problems with your vehicle should be addressed without delay. Have your car checked by an authorized service. The application developer has no legal liability, use this app solely at your own risk.

Privacy Policy:
• We do not use or collect your geographic location, and do not collect data through our application.
• There is no advertising associated with the app.
Changes to this License Agreement:
• We reserve the right to change all or part of the License Agreement at any time.
Changes to the application:
• We are constantly evolving our product, this means we may change or discontinue an application without notice or liability.
Restrictions - You may not:
• Sell, or otherwise transfer the application.
• Decompile, disassemble, modify or adapt the application, merge the app into another program.
• Copy or distribute images from the App
• Copy or distribute the application.
  Do not use the app while driving, first park your car safely.

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